D+R Medical is a London based medtech company focused on developing high quality mobile applications for the medical industry.

We are currently working with Microsoft on the VIP (Vertical Integration Partner) Program to enhance our physiotherapy platform D+R Therapy.

D+R Therapy

D+R Therapy is a remote physiotherapy analysis platform to assess compliance and assist patients achieve a sucessful recovery post injury or operation.

D+R Therapy records the quality of physiotherapy as well as patient compliance in realtime, this allows early intervention and better results for patients, with fewer hospital visits.

D+R Balance

D+R Balance allows doctors and allied healthcare professionals to efficiently and accurately assess inner ear balance disorders to assist patient diagnosis and treatment.

This can replace expensive, cumbersome equipment that is only available in specialist Balance and Falls centres.

D+R Therapy is a remote physiotherapy platform designed to assess patient compliance and help achieve a sucessful recovery post injury or operation.

With D+R Therapy you can:

Create personalised treatments for each patient and record the exercises with the app.

The D+R Therapy dashboard lets you identify patients who are non-compliant and intervene sooner.

Feedback through the app gives patients confidence in their ability to perform the exercises and recover.

The D+R Therapy app records real-time data for analysis of patient compliance during rehabilitaion.

Achieve better results through early intervention without the requirement for frequent hospital visits.

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The D+R Balance application uses smartphones sensor technology to accurately assess the extent of subject rotation during the Unterberger manoeuvre, or Fukuda step test.

The phone can be held by the subject or attached to the arm during the recording.

The application also records body sway, for example Romberg's or Tandem Romberg test. sway is measured over a 30 second period to determine an accurate result.

View screen shot
View Unterberger research
View postural Sway research

Warning: Electronic, electrical, mechanical or magnetic objects in close proximity to the device may result in an inaccurate recording.

The data presented by the application is not a substitute for a formal assessment by a medical professional.


If you would like to know more about the company, the management, or products in development, please email info@dplusr.co.uk